EESIIS2021 solicits high quality papers of Environment, Earth Science and Intelligent Information Systems including, but not limited to:

Environment Engineering
Clean Energy and Sustainability
Ecology and ecosistema Management
Environmental data analysis and modelling
Environmental planning, Management and policies for cities and regions
Hydrology and water resources Management
Marine environment and coastal Management
Sustainable tourism and the environment
Environmental impact of the energetic conversion systems
Environment and sustainable development
Environmental evaluation of renewable energies
Actions for the conservation and recovery of the environment
Biomassic residues. Environmental Impact and recycling
Systems for the treatment of solid, liquid and gaseous efluents
Evaluation of the environmental impact of the energetic systems
Emissions of gases which cause greenhouse effect
Biogas recovery in municipal solid waste
Treatment of residues and energetic valoration
Environmental engineering and sustainable development
Integrated ecosystems management
Environmental restoration and ecological engineering
Landscape degradation and restoration

Earth Science
Low Carbon Technology
Environmental Sciences
Water Environment
Atmospheric Environment
Environmental Climatology
Environmental Analysis and Methods Environmental Biology
Nano Materials and Nanotechnology
Environmental Pollution
Biodegradation of hazardous substances
Water resources and river basin management
Ground water management and Wastewater treatment
Industrial wastewater treatment
Biological and Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering and Technology
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Environmental Engineering

Intelligent Information Systems
Information and Applied Sciences
Artificial Intelligence
Pattern Recognition
Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics
Computer Vision and Speech Understanding
Pervasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence
Web Intelligence Applications & Search
Computational Intelligence
AI Algorithms
Intelligent search
Pattern recognition
Imprecise and uncertain management
Neural networks
Complex systems
Intelligent robotics
Computer vision
Image processing
Perception problems
Soft computing
Intelligent simulation
Genetic algorithm
Intelligent control
Automatic programming
Combined scheduling problem
Power & Energy Engineering
Information Engineering and Technology

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